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A-Z of Digital Identity: Alphabet of Online Marketing

The alphabet A-Z of online marketing is an in-depth resource outlining today’s most important digital marketing strategy topics. This is the only guide you need to navigate your way through all relevant topics such as SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, And More…

Webdesign & Web development


The audience is the group of people who are likely to react to a piece of content on your website or social media profiles. The audience includes people who have already decided they like something and have taken steps to find out more about it. It can be different ages, genders, properties, interests, and related to similar topics. There are several ways to grow your audience in various stages of their digital journey.

Unlock Branding


The digital experience is what leads users to convert and engage with a business. We measure brand health by how well a company’s digital experience matches user expectations and grows brand equity. This implies two things: (1) Understanding the user and their context (2) Making sure the experience is rich, relevant and valuable even when users are disengaging. The digital experience is more than just a website, app or presence on social media. It includes all the elements that can be used to deliver a targeted message from communications to advertising and targeting

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Are you on a quest for better understanding of your target audience? Well, you’ve come to the right place! But just what is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategy that relies on creating and distributing high-quality, value-aligned content. Value-aligned content is created by a business or entrepreneur who values the contribution that their content makes to their target audience’s awareness, engagement, and ultimately conversion. Due to the nature of digital channels that allow businesses to publish with ease and without significant overhead.

Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven

What is data driven marketing? It is a combination of psychology and strategy that relies on collecting data to give insights into how customers behave in varied situations and how this influences their decisions on various products or services. This is essential in transforming a service or product into an effective tool for millions of potential customers who lack information on how to make good decisions. Data driven marketing is the ultimate goal when it comes to improving the customer experience: it unlocks new opportunities and reduces costs for companies while providing outstanding service or product.

Experience Platform

Experience Platform

We’re on a journey to help individuals have lifelong connections to great experiences and brands. Learning about the platform and applying what we’ve learned is key to making this happen. The experience platform is a family of products, services and experiences designed to help people build lifelong meaningful relationships through digital marketing initiatives.



The Marketing Funnel is the basic path a buyer takes toward purchasing your product or service. It can be broken down into several stages, each of which represents a specific step in the buyer’s progress through the funnel.



Google is the most amazing search engine in existence that allows its users to examine the contents of any website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website so that it attracts qualified visitors and gives you an advantage in the search engine results page (SERP). Basically, it’s about making your site easy to find and understand so that potential customers can make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money.

Data Driven Marketing


The idea is to capture a consumer’s attention through a clever and persuasive online offer, then bring them into your funnel to do something you want them to do.

Digital Identity


The digital identity is not something that is static or created by law, but rather something that evolves with time.

MKTG Journal


The digital journal is a way of keeping track of ideas, activities, research, and thoughts.


Digital Identity


Keywords are often overlooked in SEO, but they are absolutely essential in ranking well. Keywords are the phrases that a searcher types into the search engine when they start searching for something. The more relevant and useful a keyword is to your target audience, the better chance you have of getting it to appear on their first page.

Logo Design

Logo Design

It’s not enough to just have a great product. Good logos also convince potential customers that you have a unique perspective on what’s relevant to their own issues. It’s about communicating, not just advertising.Making sure your logo is compelling, well-designed and identifiable is key. If your prospective customers can’t easily associate your business with a particular image then it may be that they’ll pass over your competitor. After all, they’re trying to decide which restaurant to eat at, not which company makes the best logo.

Content Marketing


There are many ways to use media, from news coverage to digital media. How it is used has an effect on how widely it is accepted. Use media to create story lines that can be used to sell products or services. Many businesses have become famous or well known through the use of one particular form of media.

MKTG Journal


Creating a niche is probably the single most important business decision you will make in your life. Choosing a niche for your business allows it to focus on a small group of people who are interested in your products and services. Niche businesses do well because they can get value from a particular group and cater to their wishes rather than trying to cater for everyone.

Content Marketing

Online vs. Offline

The internet offers most of the products we need. This is why online marketing has become very important. You can connect to a bigger audience and find new customers quicker than going door to door or visiting stores. But as great as online marketing is, offline marketing is just as important. You have to find the right mix of online vs. offline marketing, that works for your brand and your desired audience.

MKTG Journal

Pay per Click

The Internet marketing industry is constantly evolving. Pay-per-click campaigns, Google AdWords,Facebook ads, social media ads, etc. have become commonplace in most business settings. Because of how this element of Internet marketing works, it’s important to know what ppc means and how it can be beneficial to your business.ppc is cost-per-click advertising.

Content Marketing


A query is an approach or technique used to find out a known quantity. A query can be used as a brainstorming technique in the development of new ideas or solutions to problems. It can also be used at the beginning of a new marketing campaign to identify potential customers or prospects. In this way, a query can help you identify opportunities for a new company or product. A salesperson who understands the importance of a query will ask it frequently, as the basis for a sales conversation.

MKTG Journal

Relationship Marketing

Not everyone knows that’s there a way to use marketing tricks in order to influence consumers to choose your products, services or whatever it is you’re selling. This is exactly what you’re doing when you set up your relationship marketing campaign. Your goal should be to take away doubt or hesitation that your potential customers might have about contacting you in the future and leaving a positive feedback or recommendation about your business.

Content Marketing

Social Medial

Social media platforms have become one of the most important tools for digital marketing in the world. They allow businesses to connect with customers and suppliers, and promote new products and services. Social media marketing is all about getting involved and being part of a huge community. Due to this, businesses find that social platforms are an excellent tool for appealing to customers and prospects. Additionally, being active on social media can help agencies reach an audience that might not otherwise be possible through traditional advertising.

MKTG Journal

Target Marketing

One thing that is very clear when it comes to digital marketing is that you need to target your audience. It doesn’t matter if you are running a food business, a blog or a social media network; it will be impossible if you don’t know who your target customers are. Otherwise, you will never know what type of marketing campaign will work and why. Knowing your audience will allow you to create content that appeals to them…and keep them engaged. To pick the right marketing strategy for your business, you need to know whom you want to attract and why.

Content Marketing

User Journey

The user journey is a map of your user’s interaction with your product or service. Each step is essential to understanding how the user interacts with the product or service, so it can be used as a checklist to help coordinate development activity. It can help you see patterns in users’ behaviour and identify where interactions are needed most.

MKTG Journal

Virtual Experience

The virtual experience, as a concept, is a big deal. Online experiences provide customers with an opportunity they may not have had before. They give businesses an opportunity to serve customers in a way that helps them learn about a product or service in a whole new way. The key here is giving customers what they want, when they want it; do a good job; and prompt them towards committing fully to your product or service. It may sound simple, but creating customer passion through an online experience can be challenging.

Content Marketing

Web Design

The web has become one of the best platforms for communication and sharing of information. This has increased the importance of web design. The Internet has become a hyperlink building ground for personalities, ideas, people. One should expect much from the Internet as it relates to their personal safety, which is why good website design is essential if one hopes to become successful in life and business. It helps users get what they want quickly and easily.


MKTG Journal


This seemingly small but essential aspect can make or break the success of a brand. X-factor marketing is finding, researching and ultimately implementing something which can provide the added value to customers or prospective customers. Factors like overall trustworthiness, products/services perceived quality, product/service availability and reputation are all very important X-factors which can assist in marketing a good product/service.

Content Marketing


Youtube is a video hosting platform with millions of subscribers. Videos can be made for nearly any topic, including product reviews and tutorials. They can be downloaded and viewed by many different people at the same time making it an important marketing tool. Videos created by businesses are also very useful since they can easily be submitted to search engines like Google where there is an almost constant growth in views. If you are looking for ways to grow your business or video presence Youtube is a great place to start.

MKTG Journal


Zapier is a software platform that enables collaboration across software. It’s a tool for automating tasks in software and enabling software to do things it wasn’t designed to do before.

How can you reach all your digital potential?

Knowing where to look and how to approach digital marketing is crucial to your success online. Digital marketing can mean many things to different people.

How to reach all your digital potential – Want more traffic? More leads? More conversions? More success? Investing in digital marketing can be a challenge. It can feel scary, like you’re making bold promises and taking big risks.

It’s a journey that will take time and hard work. As you expand your reach, one thing is certain: you will need to reexamine your current marketing strategies and frameworks. You will need to find better ways of leveraging technology to help extend your reach – both for your business and for personal projects.